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Newletter #6
26 December 2010

Christmas Bird Counts2010 Christmas Bird Counts
Christmas Bird Counts were held at Atitlán volcano on 15 Dec, in Antigua Guatemala on 18 Dec., and in Tikal on 22 Dec. 2010. Results will be available in February 2011. Illustrated reports of the 2009 CBCs are online at

Birding Hotspots New Birding Hotspots

Refugio del Quetzal in San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta

Hacienda Tijax

Finca Filadelfia

New slide shows

Los Tarrales Reserve


Videos of Guatemalan birds Videos of Guatemalan birds

New videos of Orange-breasted Falcon, Lesser Roadrunner, and Magnificent Hummingbird.

Azure-rumped TanagerForthcoming articles on Azure-rumped Tanager with participation of CAYAYA BIRDING staff:
Eisermann, K., S. Arbeiter, G. López, C. Avendaño & J. d. León Lux (2011, in press) Distribution, habitat use, and implications for the conservation of the globally threatened Azure-rumped Tanager Tangara cabanisi in Guatemala. Bird Conservation International.

Eisermann, K., G. López, J. Berry, J. de León Lux & A. Burge (2011, in press) Vocalisations and juvenile plumage of the Azure-rumped Tanager. Cotinga 33.

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