Artenliste er Vögel Guatemalas

Kommentierte Artenliste der Vögel Guatemalas
Titelbild von Albert Earl Gilbert

Kommentierte Artenliste der Vögel Guatemalas
von Knut Eisermann & Claudia Avendaño

Vom Umschlagtext: The most authoritative, detailed, and updated checklist of the 725 bird species recorded in Guatemala. Also includes information about status, habitats and endemic species, along with detailed distribution maps, information on species to watch for and species of special concern.
175 pages. Lynx Edicions, 2007. ISBN 84-96553-40-X

Rezensiert von Steve Howell in Cotinga 30, Seite 95: "This is an excellent work, one that should be in the library of anyone interested in Neotropical birds - and obviously in the pocket of any birder visiting Guatemala."